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things im done apologizing for: 1. my weight and how much space i take up 2. my beliefs and the way that i share them (i’m done saying in class: i’m sorry but, or maybe this is wrong but, only declarative statements from now on!) 3. my age, just because I’m young doesn’t mean that […]

So this weekend was Swarthmore’s Sager Symposium, the theme was: Intersections of Queer: Coalition Building Across Our Communities. As a member of the planning committee I was super excited about the people we were bringing (Amber Hollibaugh, Yasmeen Perez, Caitlin Breedlove, Reina Gossett, Colin K. Donovan, and Sassafrass Lowrey). Yeah I know… amazing people. Many […]

In the past few days I have been bombarded with this idea of service. Professor Juan Battle came to Swarthmore for our Sager Symposium and talked about Race, Gender, and Sexuality. During his concluding remarks he continued to push service as the way to work for social justice. This paired with Obama’s “service” rhetoric as […]

Let’s get serious. Sex is amazing and it’s important that we are able to share openly with our partners about what we want and what feels good and what doesn’t. I know for me this is always complicated by my size. I am waiting for the day when a book is published (and maybe I […]

                    Just a tribute to my three favorite ladies on RuPaul’s Drag Race.  i think the are each so fantastically beautiful in different ways and I love them! Also, I cried for like 15 minutes when Bebe won.

    Today I started my required Physical Education class for Swarthmore’s PE requirement for graduation.  A lot of the exercise today required lifting weights in front of an inappropriately large mirror so that we can look at our form.  I found myself having to remind myself of the “fat is beautiful” mantra I have […]

I think this is so funny and also so true the way that Ashton Kutcher and Punk’d more generally utilizes the police to punk Black actors/celebrities. I also think that using humor is a great way to effectively share a message. It is one that must be done very tactfully (and I don’t think that […]