This definitely harkens to a “post-racial world” where we are so progressive, so beyond racism that it can be funny.  These “post-race” jokes that are so commonplace in many peoples lives are even present in advertising and consumption.  It’s mostly shocking to me that someone thought that this was a good idea for an ad.

Any other thoughts?


4 Responses to “Wow.”

  1. 1 Carolyn Maughan

    Those are so scary and weird. I like the ad says “Let the kids build a better world,” all the while using imagery that clearly harkens back to a racist and discriminatory world.

    I hope someone(s) found a problem with this ad, and at least thought about boycotting the product. This really just proves that “post-racism” is just a phrase made up by people who think that it’s finally okay to make dumb jokes, create stupid ads, and just be insensitive and insulting because, I don’t know, we have a black president?? We haven’t exactly made leaps and bounds toward true equality for all. There are so many other pieces of the puzzle missing, and the puzzle will continue to go unsolved as long as people like the creator of this advertisement don’t see a problem with their racist/discriminatory actions.

    Sorry, I guess I had a lot to say about that… 🙂

    Here via your status on facebook…
    Carolyn (from SWOCC)

    • 2 cmarque1

      I totally agree with everything you had to say! It’s funny, I didn’t actually notice the tagline on the product of “Let the kids build a better world.” The reason that this is extra problematic is because what they’re saying is that in this new “post-racial world” KKK members still exist and it’s just about them getting along with black folks. like what is that? it’s so insulting.

      Thanks for sharing and keep commenting you have a lot to say!

  2. f’ed up. i have so much shit to talk about with you guys when i get back, because i feel like i’m experiencing a lot of this subtle racism talk while abroad as well, yet no one else here seems to be as conscious to it as i am.

    • 4 cmarque1

      yeah, i think it’s so interesting how racism seeps into language that people use every day… i’d love to hear more about it!

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