Young Lords and Appropriation


This post topic is borrowed from So the Young Lords that I always knew were the:

 primarily stateside-based Puerto Rican organization dedicated to liberation, independence, and justice for Puerto Ricans both in the States and on the island and for all oppressed people. They were inspired by and worked parallel to organizations like the Black Panthers, the Brown Berets, and the American Indian Movement. Like those organizations, they were targeted by COINTELPRO and the other powers that be which, along with internal conflict and political shifts, lead to the organization’s disintegration in the mid-1970s. They continue to remain an important, revolutionary and inspirational movement for Puerto Ricans and other Latinos living in the United States. 

yl1However, there is this new group of

white guys who decided to form an indie rock band in NYC a few years ago and apparently couldn’t be bothered to find out whether they were ripping off the name of an entire political movement that most certainly does not belong to them.



I feel like it was serious laziness and a substantial superiority complex to not google the name that they were planning to use.  It’s really just a problem that people can go through life and not ever know who the Young Lords are, it’s a problem a) because it means that our schools, media, society clearly don’t value groups like the Young Lords and b) some white folks are so convinced that they are the first ones to think of everything that they don’t bother to even check if something has been done before them.


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  1. 1 dei

    true. thanks for the post.

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