Black Gay Identity


blackgayI love this photo.   I think it’s amazing for a few reasons.  1) Depictions of Queer People of Color are beautiful 2) Depictions of Queer people that may not fit into the homonormative roles of gender are beautiful 3) Safe Sex is beautiful!


I also love it because it starts to help dispel this myth that somehow homophobia is more present in communities of color than it is in white communities.  In recent history Proposition 8 is a good example of how communities of color were vilified for being homophobic without any self-reflectiveness from those campaigning as to why those communities were never tapped as places to campaign to.


(photo from Womanist Musings)


One Response to “Black Gay Identity”

  1. 1 dei

    i recognize this! It’s in the squw room.:)

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