Dave Chappelle-Funny and True


I think this is so funny and also so true the way that Ashton Kutcher and Punk’d more generally utilizes the police to punk Black actors/celebrities.

I also think that using humor is a great way to effectively share a message. It is one that must be done very tactfully (and I don’t think that Chappelle always does) but it has a way of bringing to light messages of liberation and critiques of society in a different format than the academic critiques. Humor can function much like music can, an accessible way to address issues of inequality that can seriously engage with important issues but is also something that people can participate in.


One Response to “Dave Chappelle-Funny and True”

  1. 1 Podgy

    W00t! Fantastic. I didn’t even know this was a problem until I saw this. Fuck Ashton Kutcher.

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