A big fuck you to the naysayers


So this weekend was Swarthmore’s Sager Symposium, the theme was: Intersections of Queer: Coalition Building Across Our Communities. As a member of the planning committee I was super excited about the people we were bringing (Amber Hollibaugh, Yasmeen Perez, Caitlin Breedlove, Reina Gossett, Colin K. Donovan, and Sassafrass Lowrey). Yeah I know… amazing people. Many people were naysayers, they said that the topic was too specific, no one would show up, that the symposium was becoming out of touch with the queer community and the campus at large.

I would like to dedicate a couple of moments to say FUCK YOU, Sager was amazing. Every room was packed, people sat on the floors of Amber and the panel and we got more turn out from the community both on campus and off than I have EVER seen at an event. Scheuer was consistently packed and people showed up and stayed, they were present and invested in a serious way.  We proved that people care and that exploring our intersecting identities matter. We also proved that Swarthmore’s community, as much as I sometimes have issues, really gives a shit and showed up. That this topic was not “too specific” that people from all across the spectrum of race, gender, sexuality, ability and class showed up and made the Symposium the huge success it was.

So to all the people tryin’ to say this shit was irrelevant, who said that the symposium didn’t speak to their identities, the Swarthmore community disagrees and again: FUUUUCK YOOU! THIS SYMPOSIUM FUCKIN’ ROCKED!!


2 Responses to “A big fuck you to the naysayers”

  1. 1 x

    pat yourself on the back more

    • 2 cmarque1

      I think I’m allowed to happy about the success of something! And yes slightly self-congratulatory but hey, blogging lets me do that.

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