things i’m done apologizing for


things im done apologizing for:

1. my weight and how much space i take up

2. my beliefs and the way that i share them (i’m done saying in class: i’m sorry but, or maybe this is wrong but, only declarative statements from now on!)

3. my age, just because I’m young doesn’t mean that I don’t have something unique to offer, it also doesn’t mean I’m so shortsighted to not be able to look back at what has come before me.

4. my choice in major and minor, (I’m done saying, yes my major is useless but I love it, it is useful and important and I care a lot about it)

5. my taste in T.V. and movies

6. the clothes I wear and the way I present myself

7. the fact that my grades aren’t as good here as they were in high school… this place is really hard

8. the fact that I can’t be everywhere once, sometimes I have to prioritize me.


2 Responses to “things i’m done apologizing for”

  1. 1 Eva


  2. 2 Dan

    I agree the most with number 4. Honestly, a Swattie could major in Engin and go to Law School, or minor and honors major in English and get a grad degree in Education of Math, so long as you’ve demonstrated through work/non concentration courses that you’re capable and interested! We are so much more than a major (which in most department is only around 9 credits out of 36 to graduate anyway!).

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