Advertising gone wrong


(video from

So this is a real problem. There’s the most obvious for me which is the horrible racist stereotypes of Black women and Asian women buying into fucked up stereotypes of both women and men from the Black and Asian community.

Also, let’s be serious, what women just can’t wait to get to wax/shave/whatever their pubic hair. That shit is bad news bears and no fun, it is not a lovely mid-afternoon activity that I like to pair with a trip to the mall.


2 Responses to “Advertising gone wrong”

  1. 1 toby

    the racial politics of that commercial is so ridiculous! at times i felt like it was more of a madtv sketch than a real commercial

  2. 2 Ashia

    omg… and they tried to go all multi-culti with the black, asian, and white women.. bet like they felt they covered all their bases

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