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so my sister was here this week and just left which makes me angry for the following reasons… a) i miss her b) i have no one to watch high school musical with and c) she’s smarter than many people in my classes.

but aside from this… it really got me thinking about the family that i am born into and this new family i have here, that i have chosen. i love the term chosen family because when i think about the friends that i have made in college, the communities i am involved in, friends doesn’t really describe them. it is more like a family. a family that no, i am not genetically or biologically connected to, but a family nonetheless. having my sister here really put all of that in perspective for me.

with her here i wanted to share her with this chosen family i have and i wanted them to be impressed by her and her to be impressed by them and most of all for them to love each other! high expectations, i know. but i felt this immense need to reconcile my two families, the one i was born into and the one i have chosen.

even writing this i feel fractured. i have such an amazing family at home who i so greatly love and depend on and who helped make me what i am today (for better or worse) and so it’s so strange to me to think that i have this whole other part of my life, this whole other family, here at swarthmore and it’s odd to think that while some of them are, most are not connected to my family at home.

just having a piece of my family at home here made me realize how amazing both were. i realized (again) that my family in arlington is amazing and have supported me endlessly and i have also realized (again) that what i have here at swarthmore is more than just friendship, we are a family, a community and i lean on them in ways that i usually am not able to. and i wish there was a way to describe my friends here, that i could give them titles like mom, dad, sister. so i guess chosen family works, but i’m still looking for new ways to talk about this community i have beyond just friendship.

conclusion: my family should move to swarthmore, or swarthmore to arlington.


One Response to “family/chosen family/community/love”

  1. 1 Bianca

    I MISS YOU TOO!!!! ❤

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