More objectification of womyn’s bodies


Remember this post?  A new photo in Men’s Style magazine continues this objectification of women’s bodies as a location for storage and exploitation.

womanclosetJust so offensive.  That’s all I can say.


What do others think?


5 Responses to “More objectification of womyn’s bodies”

  1. 1 Eva

    I don’t really understand what they are trying to do with these ads. They are just stupid. Like how does that entice anyone to buy the products. It’s not even cute.

  2. 2 toby

    how literal can they get? walking on women…

  3. 4 Luis

    Eva, I would imagine that some straight men would just think:

    “mmm…naked woman…hot. I’ll buy that.”

    The advertising industry is simply a hot mess — but people are too, for supporting their products and raising their figures to justify the use of such marketing efforts.

  4. 5 Ashia

    not okay!!

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