because i love my body.


because i love my hips and
i love my ass and
i love my thighs and
i love the way my jeans hug every part of my body that they shouldn’t and
i love that i take up space, fill corners and seats with my own ambition and my own potential,
when i hug, when i love, when i embrace, when i fuck i fill pockets of love you have never had filled.

because i love my skin and
the space it covers,
the spaces in between curvy and chubby
the spaces it covers in between soft skin and stretch marks that show the places that my body could simply not contain the love that was pouring out of me.

my body is the living incarnation of the love i have to give and the love i have received.

my love pours out in every place i can’t-
no i won’t-
because i don’t have time to be reactive,
when i can be pro-active,
when i have so much to do.

because my body isn’t done telling stories of love given and received of revolutions waged and sustained, the lovers lost and gained, in the spaces that only my body can fill.


10 Responses to “because i love my body.”

  1. 1 Sasha

    This is AWESOME.

  2. 2 M

    I love this so hard.

  3. 3 Candice

    this is beautiful, cecilia.

  4. 4 Bianca

    this is so incredible!!! i love this so much and I am so proud of you for not letting insecure assholes *cough cough* get in the way of anything that you want to do. So many people are too afraid to write half of the things that you have, and it’s so unfortunate that some people feel the need to try and put you down. You are a voice for so many woman and you are an inspiration and role model for me. I couldn’t be more impressed, your ability to be so honest and truthful is so amazing and never stop!!!! You have never let anyone/anything get in the way of your dreams and you cant stop now!

    PLEASE DONT LET THIS PERSON RUIN YOUR WEEK! we both know that you are better than that (him) and I will seriously kill you if you do! ****SOOO PROUDDDD*****

  5. 5 Admirer

    I never thought of my body that way.

    You’re so beautiful

  6. 6 erika

    you are beautiful and your words are beautiful!

  7. 7 AWESOME!

    Just wanted to say this is soooo AWESOME!! Ignore what ever that guy said. Even if you’re not slim at least you aren’t FAKE.

  8. 8 Luis

    I admire you. Your voice is a necessary perspective in the dialogue that you are trying to promote. I think that the message that you are bringing to womyn of color can be extrapolated to appeal to any community. People need to love themselves; if they did this world wouldn’t be so f-ed up.

  9. 9 speechless

    i’ve know you for a really long time and you are a role model for so many people. i’m a guy and this speaks volumes to the kind of woman you are and will be. be proud

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