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I can’t really post on all the things about this that piss me off on this video… the biggest is the whole: anyone can do well if they work hard. But there’s a lot of stuff up in that video… it’s kinda scary to me. Advertisements

I stole this from racialicious.  I think it’s kind of amazing since she came to Swat along with a bunch of other folks.  It’s cool getting to hear/learn from movers and shakers in this community! Mia Mingus Age: 28 Co-Executive Director, SPARK Reproductive Justice Now Why she’s influential: Because she’s an agent of real-world change […]

So related to the previous post, Rush Limbaugh went off on a horrible rant about Sotomayor on his radio show (who the fuck funds/allows/listens to this guy, it’s so scary that some people still do) As if it needed mentioning, his comments were racist and sexist and he went on to call both Obama and […]

Wow, the guy introducing it is highly fuckin’ annoying so that aside… I am very curious to see how the court deals with this case. I thought the cities lawyer made a legit argument that if only white people are passing the test then perhaps the test is flawed and needs to be reexamined. I […]



So as many probably know Sonia Sotomayor was nominated yesterday by Barack Obama to be the next justice on the Supreme Court of the United States.  She is a working-class Latina from the Bronx with generally progressive politics.   Needless to say, I’m dying with excitement. Absolutely dying. I’ve already heard fucked up coverage of […]

So apparently Eminem himself is not the person who released this cover it was Stackhouse Records, the creators of remixes, and not Eminem’s record label. But yeah…. anyone have any thoughts on this image??? (

solutions list?


recently, after fuck you list came out there was some back and forth about whether or not it was actually just a useless catharsis to create a fuck you list or if i should instead be using my time to create a “solutions” list. upon reflection i figured perhaps one way i could help the […]