“Asher Roth and the Racial Crossroads”–ill doctrine


I’m not quite as forgiving but I think that any white person who really cares should watch/embrace this type of lesson about boundaries.


Jenn M. also brought this to my attention.  It is another blog that deals with, I think quite well, with Asher Roth as an issue:



4 Responses to ““Asher Roth and the Racial Crossroads”–ill doctrine”

  1. 1 kate

    ugggh. asher roth is so terrible. he embodies everything that’s annoying and offensive about the whole flannel wearing, PBR drinking, parliament smoking ironically “racist” white SDS crew… barf. this guy is great though!

  2. 2 Wimmitty Wham Whozzle
  3. 3 Jenn M

    I just read a very thoughtful piece on who and why the way Asher Roth conceptualizes whiteness is problematic, and I thought you might appreciate it:


    have a great summer!

    • 4 cmarque1

      thanks for bringing that to my attention! i posted it as an addition to the blogpost!

      hope you have a great summer as well!

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