Organ Donation Ad–Disaster


I guess it’s just frustrating to see women’s bodies sexualized and objectified in the name of a good cause, organ donation.



2 Responses to “Organ Donation Ad–Disaster”

  1. 1 Lang

    WHO thought that this would be a good idea?!?!? Albeit it’s for a good cause, but I can’t see how ONE woman or conscientious man with any power didn’t bring this to a halting stop and decide to pursue another marketing approach.

  2. 2 cgreen1

    I agree. This fails on so many levels…

    1. It degrades and insults the viewer by assuming that he (because the viewer is clearly supposed to be male) will not be able to form a relationship.

    2. It degrades and insults the viewer by implying that the only thing he wants is to “Get inside of her”.

    3. It therefore fails to inspire the viewer, whose success in romance and sex has been challenged, to donate organ.

    4. It degrades and insults women by reducing them to sex objects hanging on the wall.

    There are so many problems with the portrayal of women in advertizing (and visual media in general, unfortunately). And the cruel irony is that psychological studies done on advertising recall show that the greater the sexual content of an ad, the less likely viewers will recall the brand name. In other words, even when they don’t insult their intended audience, advertizers are still shooting themselves in the foot with highly sexual ads.

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