“Sweat”–Nikki Patin



2 Responses to ““Sweat”–Nikki Patin”

  1. 1 Lang

    SO true.

    When she mentioned wishing that she had been more physically active as a child so that it wouldn’t be a shaming process when she does it now I completely connected. I realize that it’s vain and a poor decision, but I can’t bring myself to exercise in public because I don’t want people to see me as an unfit, lobster-red puddle of sweat. I tell myself that I’ll teach my kid(s) if/when I have one that all people in all bodies are beautiful and valuable, but also that I want to get them into sports or some other physical activity at a young age so that it becomes a part of life for them and they don’t have to suffer to incorporate it later on.

    • 2 cmarque1

      yeah i totally agree. it’s unfortunate for me because exercise has become this huge shaming process for me, i haven’t figured out a way to exercise/get healthy without feeling like i am hating myself for being fat. i wish someone would write a book on fat positive exercise/wellness. because i feel like i can’t go to the gym without starting to hate my body all over again.

      thanks for sharing though lang. if you have any more insights you should write a guest post ;-)!

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