general life update


hey lovelies. i have been doing almost nothing since i got home. it’s been beautiful. caught up on all my shitty tv. loves it. i got my wisdom teeth removed today. i also convinced (successfully) to get my mom to get involved in white women confronting racism’s summer reading group. i think it’ll be cool because of like intergenerational stuff/i think she will really enjoy it/has a lot to offer to the conversation.

also i have worked up a list of readings starting with using some of White Women Confronting Racism’s list and covering topics like race/class/sexuality/disability/repro justice/prison industrial complex etc. and me and and my mom, sister, and father will be having weekly discussion groups. a “sunday school” of sorts where we will all learn about these issues. my dad is hugely skeptical. and kind of unsure about some of the issues but i think it could be really amazing.

if anyone has any good suggestions about introductory but good material about any of the afforementioned topics i would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to get those from you.

so yeah any intro stuff on: race, class, sexuality, gender, prisons, reproductive justice, whiteness, feminism… i would love to get those from ya’ll.

so i start work june 9th at Choice USA which is super exciting!

ok well keep me posted on ya’lls life.



2 Responses to “general life update”

  1. 1 Stephan

    The disability studies reader edited by Lennard J. Davis. I just ordered it and I want to read the sections I didn’t get to last time I had it. When I get to a really good article, I’ll tell you. I kinda’ remember which ones I liked from last time, but I want to make sure I get it right…

  2. 2 ashia

    good idea!!

    make sure u blog about ur reading b/c 1) u have great ideas, but more importantly, for my personal benefit, it’ll 2) motivate me to keep up on my reading and 3) start my own freaking blog already!! 🙂

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