Really Quiznos?


I’m generally not that uncomfortable with sexually explicitly advertising but really Quiznos?  You had me blushing.  This seems like a bit much and I don’t see why women have to be so BLATANTLY sexualized to get the point across.  I also think it’s problematic to fetishize these two groups of women, blondes and asians as is so often done in advertising and in the porn industry.


You can watch the ad here:


3 Responses to “Really Quiznos?”

  1. 1 Alysha

    That was disturbing.

    • 2 cmarque1

      i know. so fucking weird right? i felt like i was watching something i shouldn’t have been in public

  2. 3 HBWOOD

    I think that its an ad for playboy. Quiznos had no explicit advertisement in there, and that playboy was simply making fun of standard porno’s. Maybe you should relax a bit.

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