appreciation blog!


So I already wrote a fuck you list and thought I should also include an appreciation/love list for all the good things that I have in my life.

I appreciate/love:

  • my family and everyone who comprises that group
  • swarthmore (i know i know) for the amazing opportunities it has given me, and the people i have gotten to know and love because of going there
  • closed groups and the honest conversations that happen there
  • being part of a community that is inclusive, radical, makes me feel whole, and are always open to challenging me and being challenged.
  • bad television
  • good conversations that last hours
  • good sex
  • rainy days
  • good books
  • that i have health care
  • that i am multi-racial, that i’m queer, and a woman
  • art, especially political art
  • music, the kind that makes me dance, the kind that makes me think, and the kind that is ridiculous but i love anyway
  • reconnecting with friends who i’ve drifted away from
  • cuddling

this list is a work in progress… anyone have some of their own?


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