Disaster–Eminem Style



So apparently Eminem himself is not the person who released this cover it was Stackhouse Records, the creators of remixes, and not Eminem’s record label.

But yeah…. anyone have any thoughts on this image???



3 Responses to “Disaster–Eminem Style”

  1. 1 Billy Mays

    Isn’t deleting any and all comments that conflict with your viewpoints just an admission that you don’t want an intelligent discussion here? : )

    • 2 cmarque1

      it must have gotten caught in my spam blocker. if you would like to re-post it i will make sure it gets through. sorry for that, i’ve been receiving a good deal of hate mail and so have firmed up my spam blockers.

  2. The moment I saw this, I thought to myself, OH MY GOD!!! There is so much here. I’m sensing white victimhood, reverse racism, distorted sense of power in America and the invocation of fear. There’s more, but I am on vacation, preparing for Brazil and, in other words, I’m mentally departing America. Not to say that there is not stuff in Bahia like this. But you get my gist.

    Sable ❤

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