Rush Limbaugh Lashes out at Sotomayor



So related to the previous post, Rush Limbaugh went off on a horrible rant about Sotomayor on his radio show (who the fuck funds/allows/listens to this guy, it’s so scary that some people still do)

As if it needed mentioning, his comments were racist and sexist and he went on to call both Obama and Sotomayor a racist. While I wouldn’t assume all folks to the right of the middle believe or subscribe to this type of fucked up view, I do think he’s voicing in a public forum the internal thoughts of many, which is pretty fuckin’ terrifying.


2 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh Lashes out at Sotomayor”

  1. 1 ashia

    this was soo bad…. was this also the guy that called her maria???? asshole

  2. 2 Nikki

    As frustrating as it is to hear/read this type of stuff, I wouldn’t worry too much. The Right wing conservative parties in America are going to pull out all there race and sexist cards as possible as her confirmation is getting closer. They’re doing it because they’re panicking, and realizing more and more that their party is going down the dumps, real talk. Their party has been suffering for a while now so now it’s like they’re attempting to pull out anything they can just to survive. The rest of us will just continue moving forward like we always have, and just brush our shoulders off.

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