Supreme Court takes on “Reverse Racism”


Wow, the guy introducing it is highly fuckin’ annoying so that aside… I am very curious to see how the court deals with this case.

I thought the cities lawyer made a legit argument that if only white people are passing the test then perhaps the test is flawed and needs to be reexamined.

I also think that Toobin is correct in the clip that the effects of a case like this are HUGE and can have implications for any cases that include race as a component, especially if it centers around racial discrimination.

I don’t know, reverse discrimination to me, is not really a legit argument.

Any thoughts?


One Response to “Supreme Court takes on “Reverse Racism””

  1. 1 kate

    Yeah, that case with the firefighters is an interesting one. I remember reading the nytimes article about it. The way the article was framed was very… well, it featured one of the plaintiffs, this guy Ricci, who’s dyslexic and studied like 12 hrs a day and had tutors and study groups and was able to pass the test, but then the results were thrown out. It seemed to me that the undercurrent of the nytimes story was, “If this dyslexic dude can pass the test, why can’t any of those black people?” It sucks, I really feel for people like Ricci who did give it their all. But among the general population of firefighters who didn’t study 12 hours a day and have tutors and study groups, to assume that these results are ‘normal’ is to assume that the white firefighters were just superior to the black ones across the board, and that I refuse to believe. I think it’s heartening to see the city do the right thing and throw the results out, though.

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