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Crossposted at: Choice Words Recently GOP member Rusty DePass made a comment on his Facebook page comparing First Lady Michelle Obama with a gorilla. He wrote in response to a report that a gorilla has escaped from a zoo in Columbia S.C. on Friday: “I’m sure it’s just one of Michelle’s ancestors – probably harmless.” When story […]

Coming Back


So, it was nice to take a quick hiatus from blogging. It let me get recentered and figure out what I was really trying to get out of this blogging thing and why i was doing it. it also let me rethink what i believe is and isn’t appropriate behavior for a consumer of blogs. […]

until further notice i have let the haters get to me. most recently this was posted on my blog in the comments section: Hey Cecilia, I’m so very sorry that there have been some harsh and threatening things said in response to your blogs. You seem to think of this as a sort of safe […]

Spoof Fail


Hate Mail


now that i got your attention…….. Dietribe 36. dont say anything that will hurt my feelings im living in self denial of my morbid obesity trying to convince myself through the plight of minorities that i am not a part of but have decided recently that i belong because it gives me a soapbox to […]