Hate Mail


now that i got your attention……..


36. dont say anything that will hurt my feelings im living in self denial of my morbid obesity trying to convince myself through the plight of minorities that i am not a part of but have decided recently that i belong because it gives me a soapbox to crush with my weight which doctors and nutritionists know nothing about despite years of experience and generations wiped out by heart desease but whatever im just doing my best to clear the gene pool by being a deadly plus-size lesbian whitey.

37. dont ask me to take a seat when you know ill break the chair….or eat it

38. speak up theres a lot of fat in my ears

39. im a slow-poke both literally and figuratively….except in my progress of weight gain

40. dont ask me what i had for lunch youll be there all day

41. dont ask me my shoe size i havent seen my feet in years

42. dont think im jolly because im fat im obviously not.

43. tthe only difference between me and santa claus is i CANT fit down your chimney…adn ill eat it

44. dont ask me if ive seen the 40 pizza rolls youtube video i beat that when i was 6

45. dont ask me how i type with my stubby chubby digits (its like typing oven mittens).

46. fuck people who have the self respect to live healthy lives.

47. dont ask me if ive used an airline bathroom…. bad memories.

48.yes, the michelllen man is my cousin and yes, im just as white and speak as much spanish as he speaks at all

49. juggernaut exists and its me! UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM!

50. my weight on the Richter scale

So this is a comment made on the diatribe. I chose not to post it but instead share it this way.

The first time I read it, I was really hurt. But after I categorized this response the way it should be: in hate mail. The same way I don’t take dumb racists like Rush Limbaugh seriously, I can’t take this person seriously because they are obviously coming from a seriously hateful place. So I am thinking of this as a fucked up part of reality, that people suck a lot and I knew that going in. But I also think it’s important to post and share if for no other reason than transparency as to the real responses that this type of blog receives.


One Response to “Hate Mail”

  1. 1 BLW

    i have to disagree with a lot that has been said here. i don’t think that cecilia is in denial at all- i think she is living her life more bravely and honestly than most people. i agree that a dissenting opinion should always be considered and debated fully, but disagreeing with bigotry and hate is never wrong. i also disagree with the accusation that this blog covers up or justifies insecurities. in fact it reveals them with the purpose of illuminating the horrible social constructs that cause them. you (susanna) have no right to tell anyone that the way they are living is wrong. that shouldn’t even be up for discussion.
    carlo- some things on this blog may at times come off a bit harsh, but i think that is good for everyone involved. the issues that are tackled here are serious and need to be given the appropriate attention- there is a huge difference between talking honestly about people’s actions with the intent of uncovering systemic oppression and bigotry as opposed to saying hateful things to someone with the intent of tearing them down
    stephen- i don’t think your comments even deserve a response, but the only emotion i have for you is pity. i know it is hard to recognize your own privilege, and i’m sorry this is the only way you know how to respond

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