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Wow. Jillian Michaels. The crusader for the fatties got busted in what she thought was an off-mic conversation saying that “these people are not normal” and that they are “half-dead.” Which makes clips like this one all the more disturbing. Obviously I’m not surprised that this is how she thinks. It’s her full-time job to […]

I need to get in touch with my body again. I think that college, especially overly theoretical education, and sometimes activism can disconnect me from my body. ┬áThis semester I took classes like Intro to Race and Ethnicity and Comparative Perspectives on the Body, two classes that were emotional as well as very physical experiences. […]

In a recent article former Biggest Loser contestant Kai Hubbard spoke out about the unhealthy conditions that the show was created under. ┬áSome of her most intense memories include: By the time she’d reached the competition’s end, her hair was falling out and her family had pushed her to see a therapist to regain a […]