Jillian Michaels Hating on the Fatties


Wow. Jillian Michaels. The crusader for the fatties got busted in what she thought was an off-mic conversation saying that “these people are not normal” and that they are “half-dead.” Which makes clips like this one all the more disturbing.

Obviously I’m not surprised that this is how she thinks. It’s her full-time job to scream at fatties and hypothesize as to what made them “this way.” The tactics that she uses to “motivate” contestants are truly scary. In the clip above, for example, I was beyond disturbed by the way she treated that young woman and her father telling him the only way he could get off the treadmill was if he was dead.

Being a reality-TV fanatic I have seen a wide range of competitive shows with trainers that scream and try and coax contestants to tears. However, I can’t help but feel that something about the Biggest Loser allows the gloves to come off and for the trainers to really rip into contestants in a way I haven’t ever seen on any other show. Somehow fat people “deserve” this type of treatment, even need it so they can better themselves.

I just think it’s gross and she is seriously out of control.

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One Response to “Jillian Michaels Hating on the Fatties”

  1. Wow. I don’t really watch the show, but watching these clips here and especially with the context you’ve given is really scary — like fear-inducing in me, person on the couch watching and not even being yelled at. It’s sort of like she is channelliing a lot of intense emotion/anger/hate beyond the mother/daughter team that she is trying to make lose weight… like it’s not even about them, more the idea of them and what they represent. And all of that negative energy directed towards them is from her own (former?) self-hate and I guess from broader society (physically represented by the cameras that are filming).

    Keep blogging!

    ❤ Sable

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